Liu Kuo-sung



Awarded 36th Nation Cultural Award.

“Retrospective Exhibition of Liu Kuo-sung's Works of Art”in Shandong Museum, China.

The opening of "Retrospective Exhibition of Liu Kuo-sung's Works of Art", Liu with the guests. Photos are provided by Loftyart Gallery.


Honorary Member for China Federation of Literary and Art Circles.

Awarded Foreign Honorary Member.
by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

The retrospective exhibition of “Echo of the Universe, Ink Art of Liu Kuo-sung”at Chinese Art Museum, Shanghai.

The opening of“Echo of the Universe, Ink Art of Liu Kuo-sung”, Liu with the guests.


Participated in Ink Asia, the first art fair specialized in Chinese Ink Paintings held in Hong Kong, and was invited to deliver the speech:My Journey with Chinese Ink Painting.

Revolution | “Renaissance: The Art of Liu Kuo-Sung” Asia Tour Exhibition
MoCA@LOEWEN, Singapore. National Museum of Indonesia, Jakarta
Museum of Contemporary of Art, Bangkok

Liu gave the speech on his journey with Chinese Ink Painting on 19 December 2015. From left to right are Pi Dao Jian, Liu Kuo-sung and Deng Min-liang.


“Revolution/ Renaissance: The Art of Liu Kuo-sung”was held at the National Museum of History in October, and toured around Southeast Asia in 2015.


Shandong Museum established “The Art Gallery of Modern Chinese Paintings by Liu Guosong”. All the artworks are displayed permanently.

The opening of“The Art Gallery of Modern Chinese Paintings by Liu Guosong”in Shandong Museum on 26. April 2013. Photo by Zhang Meng-qi.


“A Man of All Directions-Retrospective Exhibition of Liu Kuo-Sung at age 80”was held at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.

Liu explains his art personally at his“80th Birthday Retrospective”Exhibition in March, 2012. Huang Tsai-langis on Liu's left side: Lin Jin-tian is on his right. Photo by Zhang Meng-qi.
Liu's 80th Birthday Retrospective Exhibition at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art in March, 2012. The front row starting from the right are Lee Chun-yi, Li Ming-zhen, Yang Du, Li Mo-hua , Liu Kuo-sung, Lin Jin-tian, Huang Tsai-lang and Yuan Jin-ta on the left; Back row from the left are Julia Andrews, Pi Dao-jian and Shen Kui-yi. Photo by Zhang Meng-qi


He was awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award of Chinese Art”by the Chinese National Academy of Arts.

A Creation Exhibition by Liu Guosong – Looking back at 80” exhibition
at the National Art Museum of China, Beijing.

Liu was awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award of Chinese Art”Photo by Zhang Meng-qi


Solo exhibition was held at Goedhuis Contemporary in London,England. Liu's work “The Rise and Set of the Sun and Moon”was collected by British Museum.


“Universe in Mind: Liu Guosong 60 Years of Paintings” exhibition at Hubei Provincial Museum, Ningxia Provincial Museum, Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum and Hefei Yaming Museum.


He received“The 12th Annual National Award for Arts”of Taiwan.

Liu award“The 12th Annual National Award for Arts”, Sept 26, 2008.
Photo by Chang Meng-qi
Liu award"The 12th Annual National Award for Arts", Sept 26,2008.
Photo by Chang Mengchi


“Universe in the Mind: 60 Years of Paintings by Liu Guosong”exhibition at the Wuyingdian Hall of the Palace Museum, Shanghai Museum of Art and Guangdong Art Musuem.

The opening of“Universe in the Mind: 60 Years of Paintings by Liu Guosong”, Liu with the guests.


Invited by Harvard University to participated in “New Chinese Paintings” exhibition and to deliver a speech.


“Paintings by Liu Kuo-sung and his students” exhibition at Arizona State University.


“A Universe of His Own” exhibition at Hong Kong Museum of Art, and exhibition catalog published.


“Liu Kuo-sung at 70”exhibition at Hanart T Z Gallery in Hong Kong.


“Universe at Hear: A Retrospective of Liu Kuo-Sung at 70 Exhibition”toured around at the Accton Art Center in Hsinchu,
National History Museum in Beijing, Shanghai Art Museum, Guangdong Museum of Art and Living Mall in Taipei.

Awarded“Outstanding Alumni”by the Taiwan National Normal University.

Nine Members of the Hong Kong Modern Ink Painting Association celebrate Liu's retrospective exhibition.
Liu's two daughters celebrating their father's birthday in Shanghai.


He visited Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan and was deeply moved by the beauty of nature. He started to explore the light ink techniques with architectural draft paper to express the techniques with architectural draft paper to express the beauty of Jizhaigou in a series of paintings.

2001 Liu Kuo-sung at Jiuzhaigou.


Invited to lecture at Tibet University; visited Mount Everest


He was the only artist from Taiwan invited to participate in the opening ceremonies of the“China : 5000 Years Exhibition”at the Guggenheim Museum in New York and in Bibao.

Liu Kuo-sung was invited to show in "China 5000 Years" at the Guggenheim Museum, Bibao, Spain,1998.


He was invited to participate in“Chinese Art Exhibition”and conference at the Shanghai Art Museum.


Appointed head of Fine Arts Research Institute at the Tainan Fine Arts University.

“Liu Kuo-Sung Research Exhibition” at Taipei National Museum of History; Hsiao Chong Ray's “Liu Kuo-Sung Research” was also published by Taipei National Museum of History.


Retired from Chinese University of Hong Kong, moved to Taichung, Taiwan; joined Tunghai University as visiting professor.

“Retrospective at 60” exhibition held at Taiwan Museum of Art in Taichung.


A major retrospective exhibition for Liu was held at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. A catalogue of his paintings was published.

Liu's solo exhibition at the Taipei Fine Art Museum, 1990 (from the left) Liu Ling-shi (Liu's son), Liu Kuo-sung, Chen Qi-kuan and Li Mo-hua.


He was commissioned by the American Express Corporation and painted a five-story mural titled “Source”1952 × 366 cm

1989, “Source”, 1952 x 366 cm


Liu's was invited by “May Painting Salon”of France to present Liu's painting“Submerge into the Mountain's Breath”as part of the salon exhibition in Pairs.

1985, “Submerge into the Mountain's Breath”, 178.5 x 95.5 cm


Holds a solo exhibition at China Art Museum in Beijing, invited by Central Academy of Fine Arts to give lectures and hold an exhibition then travels to eighteen cities throughout China, as far north as Harbin and far west as Lanzhou and Urumqi.

Liu's first exhibition at the China Art Museum Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China in Beijing, 1983. Liu with Ai Qing, Li Ke-ran , and Lin Lin


He was invited to Beijing for the inauguration of the Chinese Painting Research Institute and to exhibit his works. Then, he visited Nanjing, Shanghai, and to exhibit his works.

The opening dinner of the foundation of the Chinese Painting Research Institute. From the left: Ya Ming, Mr.& Mrs. Li Ke-ran, Mr.& Mrs. Wu Zhuo-ren, 1981.


He taught at University of lowa for a year as visiting professor.

Liu and his family at home in Iowa, the United States, where he was invited to teach. His elder daughter, Liu Lin-hwei (left) ,son, Liu Lin-shin and the younger daughter, Liu Lin-i (front)


Chosen as the only Asian representative among the eight official painters of the British Commonwealth, and participated in creating “Commonwealth Print”in Canada.

Participated in“Hong Kong Art Today”exhibition at the Hong Kong Art Museum.


Published essay“Discussion on Painting Techniques” and introduced his hugely controversial theories of “overturning the centre tip”and “overturning the brush”.


He was appointed the Chairman of the Fine Arts Department at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He created the “Modern Chinese Ink Painting”curriculum.


Museum fur Kunsthandwerk, Frankfurt, and Museum fur Ostasiatische Kunst, Cologne, jointly held the touring exhibition“Painting of Liu Kuo-sung”, and published“Liu Kuo-sung--The Growth of a Modern Chinese Artist” in German.

Liu Kuo-sung at his solo exhibition organized by the Oriental Art Museum in Köln, Germany, 1970.


Influenced by pictures of the earth taken from the moon by the American Apollo 8 spacecraft, began painting the “Space Series” ; the first work in the series "Which is Earth?" won the first prize at the“Mainstream '69”in US.

1969, “Which is Earth?”, 150 x 78.5 cm


Named Taiwan's “Ten Outstanding Youths”.


First New York solo exhibition at Rhodes Gallery, and received good review from New York Times art critic John Canaday. Represented by Rhodes Gallery.


First US solo exhibition held at Laguna Beach Museum of Art in California.

Recommended by Li Zhu-ji , Liu received a two-year to travel the world awarded by the John D. Rockefeller III Foundation.

Liu with Dr. Fullen, Director of Seattle Museum, 1966
Liu Kuo-sung's first solo exhibition in the U.S., at Laguna Beach Museum of Art, California, 1966. Liu and Museum Director, Dr .Armstrong (front)
Liu Kuo-Sung with Professor Li Zhujin at solo exhibition at the Nelson Atkin Gallery, Kansas, USA, 1966


Liu's first solo exhibition was held at the Taiwan Museum of Art in Taipei.

His collection of essays,“The Road to Modern Chinese Painting”was published by Wen Hsing Bookstore in Taipei.

“The Road to Modern Chinese Painting”was published by Wen Hsing Bookstore in Taipei, 1965


Influenced by architecture's theories of materials, he abandons oil and canvas, and returns to the world of ink and paper, and he pioneered the use of rough fiber cotton paper, and invented the“Liu Kuo-sung paper”which brought forth a new painting style truly his own.

His work“Clouds Know no Emptiness”was collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the first time his work was collected by museum.

1963, "Clouds Know no Emptiness". 90 x 30 cm


Ms.Lee Mo-hua and he were married.

Liu Kuo-sung and Li Mo-hua during their wedding in Taipei, June 3,1961.


Participated in Brazil's Sao Paolo Bienal and France's Paris Youth Bienale. Described as “genius” by France's Le Figaro Newspaper.

Worked at the Architecture Department of Tainan Cheng Gong University as teaching assistant for Professor Guo Bo-chuan.


Began to write articles about art theory to advocate modern Chinese art in Taiwan.


The first exhibition of the“Fifth Moon Group”opened in Taipei, and initiated a new art movement in Taiwan.

The pamphlet of the first exhibition of “Fifth Moon Group”
In 1958, at the exhibition venue of the Second “Fifth Moon Group Exhibition”. (From the left) Gu Fu-sheng, Liu Kuo-sung, Guo Dong-rong, Huang Xian-hui, and Chen Jing-rong. Liu's mixed media painting “State of Peeling” was hung on the left.
Liu in front of his painting during the exhibition of the“ Fifth Moon Group” at Taipei History Museum, 1962.


He determined dedication to art when he was grade 11,and then enters the Fine Arts Department of the Taiwan Normal University and Graduated 1st from there.

Founded the “Fifth Moon Group” with the encouragement of his professor Liao Jichun.

Liu receives his BA Degree, 1956.


Moved with his school to Taiwan and entered affiliated high school of the Taiwan Provincial Teachers' College (now Taiwan Normal University).

Liu with the students of the school for the Nationality Army Descendants. From the left are Liu Yu-chun, Xue Xiang-lan and Li Fu-yi is on the right, 1949.


Qualified and admitted to Nanjing National Revolutionary Army Orphan School.


His father died in the war fighting against Japanese invaders, During the war, Liu took refuge with monther and sister in Hubei, Shanxi, Sichuan, Hunan, Jiangxi, and other places. The younger sister died during the fleeing.

Liu Kuo-sung with his mother and sister in Wuchang, Hubei province, 1946.


Liu Kuo-sung was born on April 26, in Bangbu, Anhui Province, China.The family was originally from Chingzhou, Shandong Provence.